June 13, 2016

The Parkslopian-Growing up in Brooklyn 50-80s Iconic things of our time


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A little commercial for The Park Slopian. The video was taken in 1962 Prospect Park band shell. me, mom,dad, sisters and brother .. THE PARKSLOPIAN book available here BUY IT HERE

(Needs to be watched in full screen) ..This book is as close as you’ll get to growing up in Brooklyn, Back in the day! So Close it will have you Reeling in the Years, and you won’t want to put it down, Containing over 350 pages of iconic imagery, it will make you remember what you forgot! 17 chapters 90 sub-chapters of Brooklyn memories, as well as this web site with over 3000 pictures of iconic Brooklyn and Iconic things of the times, That we all grew up with!

What neighborhood in Brooklyn did you grow up in? Or do you want to know what it was like growing up in Brooklyn. In the sixties and seventies. This book is as close as you’ll get to relive the past or experience the fun life and tragedies straight from the mouths and memories of the kids and the parents who grew up there. The book walks you from the youth of boys and girls to the eyes of a parent. From the doctors who delivered you to the school you graduated from. From the playgrounds and parks we played at to the street games we played and the ones we made up recalling all of the iconic stores and buildings in the neighborhood and the times.

This book is dedicated to the people who were brought up and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn, N.Y. during the 50′s, 60′s, 70′s & 80′s. Park Slope was also known as South Brooklyn. The book is filled with so many of the memories of the parents and kids who made the life we shared together as kids while growing up in Park Slope, We lived in a time that will never be repeated again.

When I started this book, I was talking to myself. Then some friends dropped by and then more friends dropped by. We all began to reminisce about the good old times we had while growing up in Park Slope, Brooklyn. These are not only my memories, but they are also the memories of many of the friends and of people I have met. They are also the memories of my brothers and sisters and their friends, and the memories of our parents. The common ground is that we all shared these memories at the same time and the same place. These were our memories, but they could be your memories too.
If you grew up in Park Slope during this time, you probably also remember and have shared many of the same memories with your families and friends because you were a part of Park Slope too. You probably went to the same stores and attended the same schools as we did. I have tried to include many of the iconic stores and landmarks that we would all remember, so that no matter who you are or where you grew up in the Slope, you will be able to at least remember half of these places or have done half of the things that are contained in this book.

In putting this book together, I have combined stories, memories, and conversations that will not only bring you back to this wonderful place in time when we grew up, but it will also bring you back to a time and place where all the iconic things we remember are no longer around because they have disappeared from the fabric of time and now only live in pictures, collectibles, and memories.
In making this book I had to come up with a formula, so it would flow through the years as if you were growing up along with us because you were there – from the doctors who delivered us to our first car! I also had to separate the book into categories that would fit best. I hope you like the job I did. It was great writing this. It rebuilt much of my memory on growing up in Park Slope, Brooklyn, N.Y. as I am sure it will yours. And it’s not so much about the place we grew up, it’s also about a time in history, so that anyone can read this book and just put their names and neighborhoods into the story and relive their childhood growing up also . We were all the last of a generation that participated and remembers most of this great stuff – from street games, some great fads, TV shows, candies, commercials and lots more, it’s just that in this book this took place while growing Up In Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Thank You

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