Roy Buchannan

Roy Buchannan
Roy Buchannan was one of rock’s great guitarists. He started out as a session player for various fifties groups and co-wrote “Suzie-Q” with Dale Hawkins. In the seventies he fronted a blues band and remained successful in the blues circuit. He was known for the shrilling, squealing, ear pericing high notes he ws able to produce from his Fender Telecaster. (Roy played a Fender Telecaster throughout his career). At one point he was asked to join “The Rolling Stones” but declined. He was arrested August 13th after a family fight at his home , in Reston, Virginia. The following day at 10 p.m.he hung himself in a police cell on his own shirt. He left behind a number of records which testify that he was a word class guitarist, capable of tones and techniques that other guitarists only dream of. he died at the age of 48.

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