Helen Maxine Reddy 25 October 1941 – 29 September 2020

Helen Maxine Reddy (25 October 1941 – 29 September 2020) was an Australian-American singer, actress, and activist. Her song “I Am Woman” played a significant role in popular culture, becoming an anthem for second-wave feminism.
Reddy had more than a dozen US Top 40 hits, including two more No. 1 hits. They included Kenny Rankin’s “Peaceful” , the Alex Harvey country ballad “Delta Dawn” , Linda Laurie’s “Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)”, Austin Roberts’ “Keep on Singing” , Paul Williams’ “You and Me Against the World” (featuring daughter Traci reciting the spoken bookends) , Alan O’Day’s “Angie Baby” (No. 1), Véronique Sanson’s and Patti Dahlstrom’s “Emotion”, Harriet Schock’s “Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady” , and the Richard Kerr/Will Jennings-penned “Somewhere in the Night”

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