Glen Buxton

Glen Buxton
Glen Buxton played lead guitar in Alice Cooper’s band. He co-wrote a number of their popular tunes. “Alice Cooper” broke new ground as one of the first shock-rock groups. Their first two albums , “Easy Action” and “Pretties For You” generated little interest. On the album cover for “Easy Action” they were all dressed in skirts. Although mild by today’s standards the name “Alice” (real name Vincent Furnier) caused quite a “stir”. In 1971 they released their breakthough album “Love It To Death” which included the hit single “I’m Eighteen”. The album boasted a wild looking cover with Alice sticking his thumb out thru the zipper like a penis. (Later releases had the thumb airbrushed out) Late that year they released perhaps their greatest album “Killer”. This album spawned the hit “Be My Lover”. It also had a tune entitled “Dead Babies”. The album ended with a mock hanging , but in concert for the “Killer” tour , Alice would actually walk up the gallows and get hanged. It was a sight to behold. The master of shock rock was at his finest. In 1972 they released “School’s Out”. The theme of course , centered around school and it’s trials and tribulations with a “West Side Story” rip-off of the “Sharks and The Jets” gang fight. The original album cover folded out to a school desk and came complete with a pair of panties around the record made of handi-wipe material. 1973 the group released “Billion Dollar Babies” which yielded “Elected” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. Although he claimed not to do drugs , Alice was pounding down the Budweiser in record porportions. By 1974’s “Muscle of Love” it was clear that something was wrong. The album came in a plain cardboard box ! No snakes, no wild mascara around the eyes, no babies, no nothing. The record failed to yield a single also !!!! This was the end of the original band. Alice’s later releases lacked the biting guitar the original band created. It also marked the beginning of the end for Alice who would end up in a sanitarium. Glen evenually turned away from music and spent his last years as a farmer in Mason City , Iowa. Glen Buxton died of pneumonia on October 19th, 1997 at the age of 49.

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