Brian Rading Five Man Electrical Band Bassist

Five Man Electrical Band Bassist Brian Rading Dead at 69,Brian Rading was the bass player in the band, led by Les Emmerson, and sang backup vocals, meaning millions have heard his amplified artistry, and always will.Just weeks shy of his 70th birthday, Rading died June 8 in a rambling old house in central Hull,Since news broke, friends and musical mates have come forward to talk about his incredible output in Ottawa’s music scene for the past 50 years.“He loved being on stage, more than anything,” said his daughter Jennifer, 41. “That’s where his heart was. That was his soul.”Being the only child of a ’70s rock Dad had its moments, like her graduation in Girl Guides, when Rading showed up in his concert get-up: leopard-print pants, makeup and earrings. “I mean, Dad, really?” she said Thursday, her horror now softened. “I have so many stories like that. You can’t embarrass me anymore.”

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