Pete Shelley April 17 1955 – December 6 2018 Buzzcocks

Pete Shelley (17 April 1955 – 6 December 2018), born Peter Campbell McNeish, was an English singer, songwriter and guitarist, best known as the leader of Buzzcocks.

Shelley formed Buzzcocks with Howard Devoto after the two met at the Bolton Institute of Technology (now the University of Bolton) in 1975 and subsequently travelled to High Wycombe, near London, to see the Sex Pistols. Buzzcocks debuted in 1976 in Manchester, opening for the Sex Pistols.

In 1977, Buzzcocks released their first EP, Spiral Scratch, on their own independent label, New Hormones. When Devoto left the group shortly afterwards—in February 1977—Shelley took over as the lead vocalist and chief songwriter. Working with the producer Martin Rushent, the band went on to create the punk/new wave singles “Orgasm Addict”, “What Do I Get?”, and “Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)”, along with three LPs: Another Music in a Different Kitchen (1978), Love Bites (1978), and A Different Kind of Tension (1979)

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