Music Facts 3

The Beatles held the Top Five spots on the April 4th, 1964 Billboard singles chart. They’re the only band that has ever done that.

The most recorded song of all time – with more than 2,000 versions – is ‘Yesterday’. Included on the ‘Help!’ soundtrack, it was number one for four weeks in 1965.

Dances with twisting motions accompanied jazz as far back as Jelly Roll Morton. The Paul Williams Saxtet – a sax-intensive jazz combo – recorded a two-sided 78 called “The Twister.” Chubby Checker wasn’t even the first man to record the song “The Twist.” Hank Ballard was, in 1959.

At age 15, Jerry Garcia swapped his birthday accordion for an electric guitar.

At age 4, Mozart composed a concerto for the clavier.

At age 22, Jerry Lee Lewis married for the third time. His bride? His thirteen year old cousin.

The Beatles song ‘A day in the life’ ends with a note sustained for 40 seconds.

Nick Mason is the only member of Pink Floyd to appear on all of the band’s albums.

When I’m Sixty Four” was the first song to be recorded for the Sgt. Pepper album. “Within You Without You” was the last.

John Lennon named his band the Beatles after Buddy Holly’s ‘Crickets.’

Jim Morrison found the name “The Doors” for his rock band in the title of Aldous Huxley’s book “The Doors of Perception”, which extolls the use of hallucinogenic drugs.

The Granny Smith apple was used as the symbol for the Beatles’ Apple Records label.

The Beatles featured two left handed members, Paul, whom everyone saw holding his Hoffner bass left handed, and Ringo, whose left handedness is at least partially to blame for his ‘original’ drumming style.

Tommy James was in a New York hotel looking at the Mutual of New York building’s neon sign flashing repeatedly: M-O-N-Y. He suddenly got the inspiration to write his #1 hit, ‘Mony Mony’

Mr. Mojo Risin” is an anagram for Jim Morrison.

Dark Side of The Moon (a Pink Floyd album) stayed on the top 200 Billboard charts for 741 weeks! That is 14 years.

Bill Haley and the Comets, one of rock and roll’s pioneer groups actually began their career’s as Bill Haley’s Saddle Pals – a country music act.

Most toilets flush in E flat.

The rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd took their name from a high school teacher named Leonard Skinner who had suspended several students for having long hair.

According to Beatles producer George Martin, Neal Hefti’s catchy composition of the 1960’s “Batman” Emmy-winning theme song inspired George Harrison to write the hit song “Taxman.”

In the band KISS, Gene Simmons was “The Demon”, Paul Stanley was “Star Child”, Ace Frehley was “Space Man”, and Peter Criss was “The Cat

When the Yardbirds broke up in 1968, Jimmy Page was left to honor the band’s commitments, performing as The New Yardbirds. The group eventually evolved into Led Zeppelin.

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