Gene Vincent

Gene Vincent
In 1956 “Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps” recorded and released “Be-Bop-A-Lula” which went on to sell over 200,000 copies and eventually became a fifties rock-n-roll classic and established Gene as a teenage idol. His follow-ups sold fair but by the late 1950’s his star was fading in the States. He toured London (were he was still a huge draw) with Eddie Cochran. In April of 1960 on the way to the London Airport he was almost killed in an auto accident. Eddie Cochran who was also in the car was in fact killed. Although he survived, his limp (previously caused by an earlier motorcycle accident) was more noticable then ever. Still he rocked on but by 1963 “The Beatles” had taken over the music scene and long-haired groups had replaced the 50’s rocker. By 1965 both his career and health had bottomed-out. In 1967 he hit the road and resumed his wild rock-n-roll lifestyle. On October 4th of 1971 after performing at the “Wookey Hollow Club” in Livepool England his health completely gave out on him. Suffering from a bleeding ulcer he returned to California were he passed away on October 12th,1971 at the of 36.

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