Wayne Swinny March 22, 2023

Wayne Swinny March 22, 2023 is the lead guitarist of the band “Saliva,” a rock band that was formed in Bartlett, Tennessee, in 1996. He was one of the founding members and was in the original line-up of the band as the guitarist.

Robert Hunter Caldwell August 15, 1951 – March 14, 2023

Robert Hunter Caldwell August 15, 1951 – March 14, 2023 was an American singer, songwriter, and musician. He released several albums spanning R&B, soul, jazz, and adult contemporary. He is known for his soulful and versatile vocals. Caldwell released the hit single and his signature song “What You Won’t Do for Love” from his double platinum debut album Bobby Caldwell in 1978. After several R&B and smooth jazz albums, Caldwell turned to singing standards from the Great American Songbook. He wrote many songs for other artists, including the Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single “The Next Time I Fall” for Amy Grant and Peter Cetera. Caldwell’s music is frequently sampled by hip hop and R&B artists.

Gary Robert Rossington December 4, 1951 – March 5, 2023

Gary Robert Rossington December 4, 1951 – March 5, 2023 was an American musician and songwriter. He was the last original member of Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, in which he played lead and rhythm guitar. Rossington was also a founding member of the Rossington Collins Band, along with former bandmate Allen Collins.

Burt Freeman Bacharach

Burt Freeman Bacharach May 12, 1928 – February 8, 2023 was an American composer, songwriter, record producer, and pianist who composed hundreds of pop songs from the late 1950s through the 1980s, many in collaboration with lyricist Hal David. A six-time Grammy Award winner and three-time Academy Award winner, Bacharach’s songs have been recorded by more than 1,000 different artists. As of 2014, he had written 73 US and 52 UK Top 40 hits. He was one of the most important composers of 20th-century popular music.

David Van Cortlandt Crosby August 14, 1941 – January 19, 2023

David Van Cortlandt Crosby August 14, 1941 – January 19, 2023 was an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter. In addition to his solo career, he was a founding member of both the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Crosby joined the Byrds in 1964. Crosby appeared on the Byrds’ first five albums. In 1967 he joined Buffalo Springfield on stage. He subsequently formed Crosby, Stills & Nash in 1968 with Stephen Stills (of Buffalo Springfield) and Graham Nash of the Hollies. After the release of their debut album CSN won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist of 1969.

Jeff Beck 24 June 1944 – 10 January 2023

Geoffrey Arnold Beck 24 June 1944 – 10 January 2023 was an English rock guitarist. He rose to prominence with the Yardbirds and after fronted the Jeff Beck Group and Beck, Bogert & Appice. In 1975, he switched to a mainly instrumental style, with a focus on innovative sound, and his releases spanned genres ranging from blues rock, hard rock, jazz fusion, and a blend of guitar-rock and electronica.
Beck ranked in the top five of Rolling Stone and other magazine’s list of 100 greatest guitarists. He was often called a “guitarist’s guitarist”. Rolling Stone described him as “one of the most influential lead guitarists in rock”.Although he recorded two hit albums (in 1975 and 1976) as a solo act, Beck did not establish or maintain the sustained commercial success of many of his contemporaries and bandmates.He recorded with many artists

Lola Chantrelle Mitchell August 7, 1979 – January 1, 2023

Lola Chantrelle Mitchell August 7, 1979 – January 1, 2023, better known by her stage name Gangsta Boo, was an American rapper, who was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. She was the second female member (after K-9) of the Memphis-based hip hop group Three 6 Mafia. She left the group and label sometime in 2002, months after the release of her second album, Both Worlds *69, due to money disputes and issues regarding promotion of her album. She subsequently released mixtapes alongside artists like La Chat and Yelawolf, as well as some solo music. She was featured on albums by clipping. and Run the Jewels. She has been referred to as a pioneer of female rap music.

Fred E. White January 13, 1955 – December 2022 January 1, 2023

Fred E. White (born Frederick Eugene Adams; January 13, 1955 – December 2022/January 1, 2023) was an American drummer. He was one of the early members of Earth, Wind & Fire. He previously played drums on Donny Hathaway’s Live album. Earth, Wind & Fire consisting of Fred White along with half-brother Maurice White, brother Verdine White, and other members were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2000.White’s death was announced on January 1, 2023, at the age of 67