March 4, 2016

Made In Brooklyn Iconic Ads and other Ephemeral


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Made In Brooklyn”. Featuring vintage ads, matchbooks, and other types of Brooklyn Ephemeral.. dating back to the late 1800’s.
Over 400 hard to find ads etc… scanned to preserve them . 2 different books available-black & white and color ( This is the Black & White Version ) color is more expensive .. But is in my store

Part of The Brooklyn past series of books…This book is as close as you’ll get to growing up in Brooklyn, Back in the day! So Close it will have you Reeling in the Years, and you won’t want to put it down.

This wonderful series of coffee table books contrasts bonding over modern social media with longing for the past. Use these books to share your memories with friends who grew up elsewhere, and as you pore over the pages, find all the similarities and differences in the toys you owned versus the mom and pop businesses that you frequented. Designed as coffee table books, they can be picked up and put down at your leisure; they do not need to be read cover to cover. Plenty Of Pictures and Brooklyn T-shirts at the site

Made-Brooklyn-Iconic ads and other-Ephemeral
ad this code ( 3J84TRCG )at checkout for $2 off



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