March 4, 2018

Brooklyn: The Way It Was Intro


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This is a Test Intro for a DVD I have been working on for 2 years -The DVD will be about 2 hours long-packed With memories , It should be ready by Christmas 2018 .. this DVD is part of a series of books about Brooklyn neighborhoods I have been working on too. there are 4 book in the series already including 2 Brooklyn T-Shirts as well as a book on Vintage Brooklyn ads…. they can be found at …Share the love it’s tha Brooklyn way ! In which neighborhood in Brooklyn did you grow up? Do you yearn for the good old days? and wish you could have a more permanent scrapbook of that time in your childhood? This DVD is the closest you’ll get to reliving the past—experiencing the fun, the excitement,This DVD walks you through the various parts of our life growing up in classic 1950s through 1980s Brooklyn, detailing the iconic things of our time. This DVD is divided into entertaining and bite-sized pieces,Take a trip down memory lane and relive your childhood!

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