At the moment B-Rock is filming parts to wrap up the 5 seasons of The Dis-Reality Show to submit to industry..The Dis-Reality Show doesn’t end here it starts here.. the 5 seasons are the past 15 years that he lived thru..the 4th,5th,6th season etc…is the present and the future,

B-Rock is in the studio recording and making videos for his next CD (Write To Live -Live To Write)…he is also looking for an agent/manager..looking into booking agents for touring on the east coast, he has an urban crossover appeal with his song catalog and style can fit into the rock venues as well.

There is plenty of video to go around for this electronic press kit .. but I chose these .. this first video in the studio is what B-Rock looks like now 2016…. the 3 lower videos are 5 clips from 3 of his CDs.. these were created from the ages of 15 to 23 in that order.. he has 2 more CDs..these songs are the story of his life and also the soundtrack for his show. “The Dis-reality Show With B-Rock” he is an excellent Lyricist. I would compare his writing to Billy Joel And Bruce Springsteen, with the flare and urban styles of Em, Tupac and Biggie. and not only can he rap. he is a great story teller. there is no one on the radio who I have heard in the past 10 years that is as good as B-Rock …thru out all these connected sites you will find lyric videos to show the scope of his writing skills as well as the cleverness in his words. I have not heard any rapper with his flow or lyrical wizardry

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This is B-Rock , B-rock is an aspiring 25 year old rapper, who happens to have Bipolar disorder, his life has been to say the least full of chaotic drama mainly since the age or 15,
At this point he has survived what would have killed most people with his condition, as well as what he has had to go through to survive it… there are many stories in life about over coming the odds and rising through the ashes of dilemma.. and their in lies the story in The Dis-Reality Show, over these years I as his father have documented most of these happenings and guided him thru all this chaos.
When we started out it was just a father and son making music, and how I was going to create the best rapper/ story teller the world has ever seen! Really! He had been diagnosed at an early age with bipolar and after witnessing the stuff he was doing and going through, I knew that the only way he would survive is to write out what he was feeling, be his own psychiatrist, and as you witness firsthand what he has been through . you will see how he saved himself through the words he ‘s written, in 10 years he has created 5 CD’s of his life’s story, this show is just the visual of his life, the music is the sound track of his life , his life, our life is a compelling tale, of mental illness, police abuse, drug use, but a success story as well
All the CD’s are appropriately titled to that time in his life as well, now we are past that time in his life it is time to tell the story looking back , so that others may learn from the pitfalls of mental illness and the way society will treat you and abuse you because of it, as well as ways to maneuver around it, and deal with it.. ours is a great success story

As for the phase of bringing The Dis-Reality Show to TV, we intend to start off as a web series, season (1)Bipolar Disorder which involves about 3 years of footage which will depict B-rock Starting out, we have enough drama and footage for the next few seasons as well Titled (2)Face The Music ,(3) Damaged Goods (4) Write To Live ,Live To Write…With an extra season Titled (Verbal Abuse) if needed to stretch out what has happened…again these are the actual names of his albums that we already have

as for any additional cast ..this will be worked out in out 5 year plan on who, why and what people will be coming into the show as cameos that fit into the storyline that we already created etc.., the first 4 seasons are us recounting what has happened to us ,as we try to market the CD’s he’s created while on this journey.
The show goes where we go, if we go on tour the show goes on tour, if we get dance lessons, the show goes etc,…and regardless of how I set the series .. it will always be an option to let the pros developed as they see fit, as long as we can agree that it stays true to the story and facts as we lived it