About Us

– Present

My main goal is to take all I have created & shove it down the world’s throat, through the internet. . This is my internet model. I am now looking for a team of people to join my company & take all of my projects to the next level. The task being (1) many sub branches(ADHD Entertainment), (2) fashion,(3) sitcom,(4)comic(book & online version),(5) radio station,(6) Dvd company,(7) gaming community(8),historic internet tv staion,(9)book, (10) vintage car,  (11)mega portal that i think can be bigger than myspace & facebook put together,oh #(10) & a record company. I forgot all about that even though that’s what this all started as. This is my model.

Two years ago, there were offers to buy my sites because buyers wanted to know how I got my site to a 60 thousand out of say 120 million website,& me, just being one person. Anyway, now that I have really got a firm plan, I want to put together a group of people with the same drive that I have. Well, I actually don’t know may people who have my drive, but determination and expertise are just as important as drive. For the next year, I will be building and rebuilding all my 50 plus sites and adding more. No one can duplicate what I have created over the years in crafting this model because three quarters of it is my personal content, my creations, & all the scripts, songs, books are also mine, as well as girl & boy bands, poetry, comic books, kid’s books, sitcoms, reality shows, radio station, webisodes, movies, music, photos, video, music videos, 2 fashion lines, fashion shows, photography, colognes, perfumes, & countless products that I have created in various stages of creation. Some I haven’t even begun to move on, but what makes these so unique is that they all spawn off of each other. Like a tree, as one branch grows another branches off it. I will knock off one project at a time. How far I go and how quickly I get there just depends on how many players I can get involved. Money is not the answer. . this was written in 2014.. 2 years later all sites are getting a make over . to read more… lots more . go to my linked in page