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                                        Give me your best song yearning to be free

                  to sore to the top of the billboard charts


                        the rules:

  1. one band

  2. one song

  3. one hyper link directly to that song real audio or from mp3,or         from YOUR own SITE , if you don't know what it is e mail . it's not a URL to your site . it's the URL to your song  

  4. one HYPER LINK TO A  small band graphic   that is located ON YOUR SITE

  5. make sure its your best SONG

  6. some songs will be included in a series of song base compilations that  will be made by a.d.h.d. records  

  7. by putting your song on the site you are agreeing that a.d.h.d. is    allowed to put the song on any CD samplers to be made in conjunction with this site that we will distribute through out the world wide web

  8. YOU WILL STILL OWN THAT SONG and maybe I can get you a deal 


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