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WE ARE NOW A MEMBER OF THE  MUSIC DISK NETWORK  MI2N. Because they have an extensive collection of articles  we will be giving them their own section with their own index to a collection of articles as fast a we can get them up 

Welcome  to the new face of the A.D.H.D. RECORDS DAILY DOSE  EZINE .  We are changing all the templates to make this site more user friendly.  As this site has gotten so big, there are many articles that have already been written, but need to be typed. They will soon be available.  I hope this one will give you some insight into what you have to become and how determined you have to be a musician in today's computer age....... COMING SOON.. THIS IS THE END! THE LAST ARTICLE OF MY INVESTIGATION  OF THE DOORS MUSIC COMPANY AND THE CROOKS WHO STOLE MY COMMERCIAL...AND CONCEPT AND THEN CREATED  R.A.D.D.. also FOOL SITE OF THE DAY..

How To Build A Great Website:  One of the most important things about being a musician these days, now that the internet has leveled the playing field,  is that a musician has to be more than just a musician  in order to exploit this new frontier to its fullest or even just to make a dent.  Sometimes it might not even be worth it for all the work you have to put in to building a web presence because it becomes a job.  You now have to be a  web designer,  which encompasses a lot of other skills.  You, also must become a  marketer, an ad writer (blurbs)  and Advertiser.  There are basically  5 steps to building a great web site.  If  broken down,  each of the five steps contains about 5 individual steps  - which equals 25 steps, which equals a lot of work (these links provide you with some of the products I used). 

Design:  When you look at a web site,  there is a lot more than meets the eye.  Some of this may seem trivial,  but it's the most important.  There are a few  elements to be considered. < pre made Templates>.solve almost all of this for you. First you have to choose a background color.  All pages may be the same the color or they can be different colors, which will add a little something extra to the website.  Then there's  the font or text.  What style should you use?  Does it fit with the band's image?  Does it fit with the background page color?  For  example: Is it a sinister heavy metal text or a hip urban style  text?  Then you have to  choose a color for the text  that blends well  with the background color as well as the style of the bands image.  Blending is everything.  If all these steps are looked at you can get a very appealing page to the eye that will attract visitors.  Furthermore, if you don't already have a logo for the band or page, it's another important element.  If you do, a banner or marquee, linking them to another page or special item on your site would be a good idea also and will help to keep visitors coming back to you.  You may have visited a site similar to the one I am describing.  It's not obvious to the naked eye as to why you are attracted to certain sites over others.  The text and color arrangements of the site are one factor that make a site attractive and draws repeat customers who might want to explore the site further. like Flash Banners  If you explore this site a little, you will see examples of what this article is about - especially the games!  Hopefully, you will get some insight as to how this site has been built over time using the techniques that I am now sharing with you..

 About you:   Of course,  you have to write a page about yourself or the band.  What you write here depends on the image that you want to portray.  There are a few ways to go about this, but whichever way you go, use a variety.  For some, the hardest way to go would be to make fun of yourself.  If you can't bring yourself to the task,  get someone else to do it.  It is a good idea to lighten up here.  Inject a little humor.  Poke some fun at  yourself .  Even if you are an egotistical musician and think the world of yourself, make fun of yourself because everyone else is behind your back.  That will show them that you are being honest about yourself and rather than people turning you off, they'll want to read more about you.  At first,  people are more interested in the character of a person or band.  You should mix  various elements of yourself, such as sophistication, humor, intelligence,  and creativity when creating your bio page.  If you are more than a solo artist and have a band, you can mix it up even more with all the members and try to create personas for each one of you.  It's like the saying on the internet that says "No one knows you other than by what you write about yourself." This will draw people into your website to actually listen to your music and hear what you have to sing about, which is all you really want in the first place.  Before you can get people to listen to you,  you have to lead them there.  You want them to see who you are behind the mask,   what  your opinions are about in your songs, and  how compassionate and sensitive you are.  We all know how to write great things about ourselves, or brag and build up  ourselves,  but it is a delicate balance.  The last thing you want to do is bore people with your hype.  Humor is a great way to grab attention, and for those people who don't mind ragging on themselves like me, you might take it a little bit further.  Here's one I came up with about myself.  Click here if you want to see an example  that mocks me,  as well as builds me up.  It's honest,  which is what people want.  They want to laugh, as well as get to know about you and your band.  It's not only about the music, but also about the human behind it.  Exploit the  funny stuff about you.  Create a caricature of yourself  with words.  

Content:  Of course,  you need something besides the band and music.  If you have no videos or music downloads at your site for free,  you can try to get some content from other bigger sites (such as news or astrology,  a search engine or weather)  or you can email  this site and use our content like the JOKES.......E CARDS.....LOTTO.....GAMES.....POEMS..,If you have some web skills  or want to lean some more, there are plenty of programs out on the market that can be bought and altered.  During the past five years as I was putting this site together,  I was also attending computer shows and music expos and doing a lot of research.  The freelance software community was beginning to grow and now there is an abundance of scripts,  ,flash,  JAVA, PERL, PHP,  and  ASP.  Sounds scary, right?  As a musician,  it may. There are a lot of these scripts on the market and if you take the time to learn them you might be able to make a site.  When I started with this site, I learned and evaluated a lot of scripts (over a thousand by now) . Some programs are free and if it's a script you like,  you can buy the better version of the script.  A  lot of trial and error goes into this process, but you and your site will grow at the same time.  I had created  most of these sites from  ready-made scripts  that I altered.  It took some time because I was learning as I went along.  Most of the sites have been revamped  a few times, because I changed the scripts as I found better ones , and I have more content waiting in the wings.  I  just don't have enough time to implement  it  yet.  This is something that I'm sure most musicians face, but one thing I have also learned is that if you do things one step at a time that over time you will have another page of content for your site.  It may take a few months, but it will be worth it.   Oh, and another important thing is to always announce that your site will be adding content and to tell your visitors to come back to see it.   

Search Engines:  All search engines rank sites differently.  Some rank by the key words you use and the title of your page or how many pages you are linked to and visa versa. Here is MP3 MUSICLINK   to leave  your link.  These are some of the secrets and areas in which you need to hone your skills.   I will give you a few tips here.< meta tags keyword creator> When using keywords, use different ones on each page and use them in the title,  as well.  You can  purchase programs to submit your site to search engines or get the freebie submitters  that submit to FFAs and classifieds. There are a few out there that can actually work for you,  if you keep up on it.  You should also read a book on it.  There are some freebies on the web.  I will also be adding links to these freebies in the future. . You can submit to search engines manually or pay a company to do it, but whatever way you do it you still might wind up on the 5th or 10th thousand page.  I don't know if any of these companies can put you up on top since there are so many sites out there.  Everyone of these skills is important, but this is where you can actually succeed in getting more visitors to your site and this makes all the other work you did pay off. This is the final step.  Doing this beforehand,  will leave people empty handed.  This is why you want to do this as a final step,  but you also shouldn't wait until the end to do research.  You should do the research  as you are building or rebuilding your site, so as not to have to do these steps over again. Here is a Search Engine Submitter  

TRAFFIC... Driving traffic to your site has always been a chore or impossible.  Here is a free and easy idea,  a  Traffic Exchange....What about driving visitors to your site by opening your browser, something you may do a lot of times during a day? It seems unbelievable, but that's exactly what our START PAGE EXCHANGE PROGRAM does for you absolutely FREE!  You'll be given a unique ADDRESS to set as your browsers start page. Each time you open your browser, we direct you to other members'  websites, which in turn gives you visitors back to yours!  THE MP3COLONY TRAFFIC EXCHANGE will deliver traffic to your site.  Actually,  every other  musician who signs up will help you too.  It's musicians helping musicians.   This is a tested method that has worked on the net for years. You will also get 10% of all the traffic generated by 10 referral  levels. Each time your referrals open a new browser window,  your account will be credited.

The Music:  Of course,  there's the music.  It may seem like it's the most important thing,  in the music biz these days,  but it's now it has become only one of the important things if you want to take your career into your own hands at least a little and try to make a dent.  This is because the playing field has been leveled so much.  Before we didn't know who we were competing against.  Now we are  faced with hundreds of thousands of bands from all over the world, some with better songs,  better web pages, better marketing , better advertising, and more money.  Now it's not only the music that we are trying to sell.  It's a whole package.  As for myself,  this site has taken a life of its own.  I created so much content  that I can't grow as fast as I would like to grow.  and if you would like some of the tools and software Ii used to create this site here is a link to the site selling them......EPOWERSELL  

This is part of a series of articles that will focus on the artist today and the worldwide web.  If you would like to use this on your site,  contact us.   



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